Why Shree Pushkar?


We believe in the philosophy of valuing ‘every drop in the ocean’. Thus, we understand that a substantial credit for our success lies with the pillars of our organization i.e. our employees. In return, we strive to give our employees an opportunity for holistic development and overall growth. We are committed to providing a motivated, safe & budding environment enabling our employees  to fuel their ambitions & realise their true potential. We look for individuals who are driven, determined & result orientated and encourage employees from diverse cultural & geographical backgrounds. This helps us to create a pool of talent from various regions that in turn leads to a varied and enriching experience for us.


We combine our professional approach with commitment in the fields of research, & development, production, marketing, sales and administration.
A decisive factor in our success is creativity. At SHREE PUSHKAR, we attach great importance to fostering independence and individual responsibility. Entrepreneurial thinking, innovativeness and commitment are important for us at every level of the organisation. We believe that success is achieved by teamwork & coordinated efforts of every individual who are working towards a common goal.


We are an achievement oriented organization and are dedicated to our businesses and set high future goals. With policies that fuel growth and developing infrastructure to support them, we have a very positive outlook for the future. We have a respectable track record of providing career opportunities to new entrants & transforming them into global leaders in their respective fields. Our future plans include consolidating our capacities and enhancing our product range. Our eventual goal is to develop long term associations with everybody around us. SHREE PUSHKAR’s employee philosophy is to provide a nurturing environment around us, to grow through the growth of our employees & to work towards a better future of the company & those within it.