Cattle Feed Supplement – Pushp Ahaar

Cattle Feed Supplement is a product widely used as an additive for the feed given to livestock and domestic fowls as supplementary to their requirement of phosphorus and calcium. It prevents Osteomalacia and Rickets in the livestock and fowls. Additionally, it is easily soluble. It can also completely dissolve in animal’s gastric acid. It enhances their metabolism and helps in the formulation of required enzymes and vitamins to promote their healthy growth.

A feed grade Di Calcium Phosphate (DCP) is manufactured by reacting rock phosphate with dilute sulfuric acid at precise conditions. After separation and washing of gypsum and other unwanted impurities, purified phosphoric acid is manufactured. The same is precipitated with lime milk. The water insoluble precipitate of Di Calcium Phosphate is further centrifuged and dried, blended, sieved and tested for uniform batch characteristics.

Venturing into the production of Cattle Feed Supplement (DCP) helped us expand our product portfolio and re-use the waste products from other manufacturing processes to reduce environmental impact.