Truly Sustainable

We, at SHREE PUSHKAR, thrive to take care of our people and environment and we strongly believe in the concept of ‘True Sustainability’. Each step taken by the Company is with an aim to continuously improve our current infrastructure and achieve fullest environmental compliance. This constant effort has resulted in us being a highly sustainable manufacturer, with a competitive edge that makes us more favorable over our competitors. It can be clearly seen that the management is in constant effort to make the company self sustainable. Thus, being least affected by outside forces, can have excellent quality controls, attainable EHS standards and financial independence. These strong beliefs and actions make us ‘Truly Sustainable’ in all aspects.

Zero Waste

Our ever evolving technical and management team ensures optimal utilization of products. Each waste is treated to the best possible level and then these are used to make other value added products such as Fertilizers and Cattle Feed Supplements. This gives us a competitive edge and leaves us unaffected by major shutdowns commonly faced in today’s time. The procedure employed for the treatment of wastewater includes segregation into biodegradable, slightly biodegradable and non biodegradable streams. Each stream is treated separately prior to combined treatment/disposal. Our plant is equipped with in house Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP). Plants are connected to high efficiency scrubbing systems and gas monitoring systems wherever required, which keeps the emission levels well within the limits.

This has pronged effects on waste minimization and cost cutting, which is in line with our quality policy. We conform to the statutory guidelines set by the Pollution Control Boards.
With an inherent safety standard, we are committed towards creating a better way of life in & around.

Fully Backward and Forward Integration

Our core success lies in deep backward and forward integration. Having started the manufacturing of Dye Intermediates in the year 2001 and dyes in 2016, we have not only expanded our portfolio in a horizontal manner but also in the vertical space which helps us be least dependent on outside suppliers.

Throughout our journey, we have explored the root of this industry and thus operate from the grassroots to the top. That is:

Dyes → Dye Intermediates → Raw Materials → Acids → Basic Raw Materials

These carefully taken steps have created synergies within the organization which has made us stand out in our peer group.
This is key towards making us Sustainable, Cost Competitive with the best Quality Controls, as most of the factors affecting the above are in our control.

Sustainable Backbone

We have our own Logistics fleet that brings us ease of transportation. Within our Acid division, we have established our own captive Power plant that reduces our electricity cost and makes us unaffected to power cuts. We are constantly developing our infrastructure to make SHREE PUSHKAR a complete self sustaining facility.

Environmental, Health, Safety, Society

we are now ‘Bluesign System Partner’ which demonstrates our strong commitment towards gold EHS Standards. Regular training sessions are conducted on various plant locations.
We also have our own Environment Management System, ensuring environmental safety and sustainability.