We are one of the leading manufacturer of Reactive Dyes. Our belief in sustainability led to the launch of DYECOL™ range of Reactive Dyes to tackle environmental and sustainability issues of the textile wet processing industry. It uses less water and energy and decreases the processing skills in comparison to conventional dyes industry.
We have a product range certified from “GOTS” and enjoy the privileged status of being a Government recognized “Export House” from the last 15 Years. We are now also a “BLUE SIGN” System Partner and a “ZDHC” Contributor.

DYECOL Royal Blue Series

Royal blue is believed to have originated in the 17th or 18th century when King George III of the United Kingdom tested the clothiers across the country in delivering a shade suitable for royalty. Scutts Bridge Mill in Rode, Somerset, created an extremely rich shade of blue, which came to be known as ‘royal blue,’ and was first used in the creation of a robe for Queen Charlotte.


  1. Brilliant Royal blue shades with good solubility
  2. Excellent salt solubility
  3. Solubility 90 g/l at 30 °C
  4. High fixation rate and good fastness to washing
  5. Robust to process variables


  1. Economical
  2. Suitable for pale to dark shades in all applications
  3. Reactivity medium
  4. Reproducible
  5. Good compatibility with other dyes

DYECOL Turquoise Blue Series

Named after the gemstone of the same colour, the word ‘turquoise’ comes from the French for Turkish, as the gem was originally imported to Europe from Turkey. The first recorded use of the turquoise as a name for the gemstone and its colour, can be dated back to 1573 and 1900 respectively. In many cultures, turquoise is valued for thousands of years as a holy stone, a talisman, and a bringer of good luck.


  1. Excellent depth
  2. Excellent salt solubility
  3. Good  all round fastness properties
  4. Solubility 100 g/l at 30 °C
  5. Easy wash-off
  6. Robust to process variables
  7. Reactivity medium, affinity high
  8. Good alkali stability


  1. Economical
  2. Versatile application suitability
  3. Suitable for pale to dark trichromy shades
  4. Brilliant bluish turquoise having high colour yield
  5. Reproducible

DYECOL Black Series

In the middle ages in Europe, the best way to produce black dye was from oak apples, a dyestuff that was extremely expensive to acquire. This meant black dye was just as expensive to produce. Due to its exclusivity rising from its price, black clothes were a favourite among the wealthy merchant class, as well as nobility, resulting in a fashion for black clothes that lasts till the present times.


  1. Economical
  2. Suitable for yarn, fabric and garment dyeing & washing
  3. Dyeing cycle is reduced
  4. Reproducible


  1. Excellent jet black shade at lower depths
  2. Excellent salt solubility
  3. Good post mercerization fastness
  4. Good wet rub fastness among reactive blacks
  5. Easy wash-off
  6. Robust to process variables

DYECOL CELF Reactive Dyes (Superlative Sustainable Reactive Dyes)

  1. Compact range for complete gamut of shades with excellent reproducibility, fastness levels & performance
  2. Excellent compatibility and reproducibility of the trichromatic dyes
  3. Very high degree of fixation (over 80%) & shorter washing off process reducing water and dye consumption and ecological costs
  4. Shade continuity over longer lengths
  5. Good penetration & leveling properties
  6. Right first time performance for cold pad batch, continuous dyeing, exhaust dyeing
  7. Shade continuity over longer lengths
  8. High fastness levels & robustness
  9. Compact flexible engineered molecules with high solubility, even in presence of salt & outstanding bath stability
  10. Fluorine chemistry, especially high light fastness
  11. Highest efficiency & productivity at optimized costs
  12. Highest level of lab to bulk that boost production drastically (bulk to bulk)

DYECOL CEFT & RR Reactive Dyes (All round Sustainable Reactive Dyes)

  1. Robust dyeing system
  2. Excellent compatibility of dyes
  3. High fixation (over 80%)
  4. Innovative chemistry
  5. High reproducibility & right first time production
  6. Excellent washing & wet fastness
  7. Less shading and diluent resulting in less contribution to the effluent.

DYECOL DR Reactive Dyes (High end Sustainable Reactive Dyes )

  1.  Compact range for deep & extra deep shades with cost effectiveness & excellent overall fastness & performance
  2. Very deep shades attainable
  3. Dischargeable dyes range to cover all gamut
  4.  Dyeing temperature 60 °C & also dyeing with room temperature (40 °C) with easy washing off
  5. Low amount of dye usage
  6.  Highly economical
  7.  Good leveling & diffusion properties
  8.  Short liquor ratio dyeing possible
  9.  Meet today’s quality & fastness requirement
  10.  New state of the art on tone buildup
  11.  High tinctorial strength
  12.  Top productivity & high reproducibility

DYECOL Royal Blue Series

DYECOL SS Reactive Dyes (The new generation Sustainable Reactive Dyes )

These dyes are used for cotton fibre and yarn dyeing , knitted and woven fabrics dyeing . It is widely accepted by the Indian and International market. It is specially designed for exhaust dyeing.

It is suitable for light, medium, dark & heavy dark shades. It is GOTS approved. It is a new range of high tinctorial value, good robustness, extraordinary colour value, unmatchable lab to bulk and bulk to bulk reproducibility. It is also very cost effective. Less chance of reprocessing of dyed lots. It increases the RFT percentage.

The Range

All the above dyes are known as a Dyer’s dream


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